Cartoon Your Pet

I’m an artist and an animal advocate. I started to create digital cartoons as fundraisers for local rescues/shelters in my area. I’ve been in rescue since 2008 and am very committed to this cause. A large portion of all proceeds I make will go to a local rescue/shelter. If you have a question or comment click the 'Ask a Question' button.

For only $20 per pet, I take your photo/s and make a cartoon hero of your pet! Check out the Gallery section for more examples and others throughout this website.  I DO NOT PRINT your cartoon, that is up to each customer.  An email of the cartoon jpeg will be emailed to you.

Check out my 13 On Your Side TV interview. Play the interview

Here's a list of the shelters/rescues I've helped to raise over $28,790 since October of 2023 with cartoons.
  • A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue
  • Birds & Beaks Rescue and Rehab
  • Canine Companions Rescue Center
  • Cocker Nation Rescue of Michigan
  • District 5 Alliance Detroit
  • Dog Aide
  • Fig & Friends Pet Rescue
  • Grand Rapids Pit Bull Alliance
  • Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue
  • I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven
  • Kelley's Heart to Heart Pet Adoption Center
  • Last Day Dog Rescue
  • L.A.S.S.I.
  • Lucky Farm Animal Rescue
  • Making Miracles Animal Rescue
  • Misfit Angels Rescue
  • Midwest Small Breed Rescue
  • MotorCity Greyhound Rescue
  • Paws, Awes & Claws
  • Peace Love & Paws Rescue
  • Pleasant Heart Pet Food Pantry
  • P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue
  • Pound Buddies
  • Operation Solo
  • Serenity Canine Advocacy Rescue & Rehab
  • Serenity Oaks Equine Sanctuary
  • Shelter Angels
  • Tail Waggers Pet Rescue
  • The Karens
  • Willow Haven Animal Sanctuary

You must upload your pet's picture/s BEFORE you make your payment. Front facing pictures work best. This will minimize the possibility of receiving money without a picture to work on. Trying to contact people to receive their payment can be problematic and time consuming.
                                                  Thank you, Lisa

Use a Smart Phones or Tablets to upload your picture/s.
If you want to send pictures from your phone or tables just follow the instructions below:

  • Select the picture or pictures you want.
  • Email to order@cartoonyourpet.net
  • Use your same email address with all further contact with cartoonyourpet.
  • Use PayPal or Venmo to make a payment of $20 for each picture you send.
  • After your upload your picture/s use the 'Open Form NO Pic' button below to provide additional information that I need then proceed to payment.


Upload before paying

Use this website to upload your picture/s.

Click on 'Open Form add Pic' button below to enter the information needed to create catroon picture/s. After you submit your information you can close the small window that opens and continue with your payment. 

Make a payment

You can use any of the methods below to make your payment. A payment must be received before cartoon image will be created.Thank you for your support.

Click Payment button to use PayPal or Credit Cards OR use the Venmo button.



Click Venmo button to pay or use the QR image below with your phone: